Choosing Your Cloth Diapers

Cloth diapering may seem overwhelming once you see all the different systems, styles, fabrics and sizes to choose from. Once you have a general idea of what these different styles mean, it will be much easier to choose the perfect cloth diapers to fit your family's needs!



All-In-One diapers are a one-piece diaper that is entirely sewn together, making it just as easy to use as a disposable! The waterproof shell and absorbent core are all attached.

Pros of All-In-Ones:

- Simple and Easy to Use

- Great for caregivers, daycares, grandparents etc.

- No extra folding or assembling required

Cons of All-In-Ones:

- Longer dry time since all pieces are sewn together

- Can be a pricier option

- Entire diaper must be removed and washed after one use

- Some families may need extra absorbency for heavy wetters

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Pocket diapers feature a pocket in the waterproof shell for stuffing absorbent inserts into. Once stuffed, this option is still great for caregivers and simple for diaper changes.

Pros of Pocket Diapers:

- Great for caregivers when stuffed ahead of time

- Customizable, add the amount of absorbent inserts that work best for your baby

- Add additional inserts for overnight

- Stay dry option

- Less expensive than All-In-One diapers

Cons of Pocket Diapers:

- Can be bulky depending on inserts used

- Takes extra time to "stuff" diapers after washing

- Entire diaper must be removed and washed after one use

- Many brands come with a microfiber insert, while families may prefer natural fibers.

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- Two separate pieces - the waterproof cover and the insert

- Cover comes with snaps inside and the inserts snap directly into the diaper

- Once wet, you can reuse the cover and snap in a dry insert

- Easy to clean and faster to dry since inserts are separate

- Budget friendly! Buy more inserts than covers since the covers can be reused a few times between washing

- Each brand of AI2 has different snap placements, so AI2 inserts and covers usually need to be the same brand

- Depending on brand, inserts may come in multiple sizes to choose from

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- Flat diapers are the original cloth diaper, a large single layer of fabric (can be cotton, hemp, bamboo, or a mix)

- Prefolds are multiple layers thick square insert which makes them simpler to fold than a large flat

- Option 1: Simply fold prefold into thirds (padfold for flats) and lay inside a waterproof cover or into a pocket diaper

- Option 2: Wrap prefold or flat around your baby and fasten with a Snappi or Boingo, there are many ways to wrap a prefold or flat! Use a waterproof cover on top

- Reuse cover and replace insert with a dry one at diaper changes

- The most budget friendly way to cloth diaper! Prefolds come in a large pack at a great price

- Prefolds are very easy to wash and fast to tumble dry, covers should be air dried (but usually dry quickly as well)

- Since flats are only one layer thick, they are the fastest insert to dry

- Prefolds are a popular option for newborns since they require so many diaper changes

- May be bulky depending on what size you're using and your baby's size, newborn size and standard sizes available in prefolds

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- Extra inserts can be added to almost any system! If you need extra absorbancy, you can lay another insert directly on top, or under your regular insert or prefold.

- Many diapers and covers come in a One-Size (OS) option, which will grow with baby between approx 8-35 lbs

- AI2 covers can be used like a regular cover as well!




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