Fritzi the White Goose Blanket Doll - Nanchen

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Fritzi the White Goose is a combination of a rattling grasping toy and a finger puppet. In the little head is a delicate bell and a small loop into which the finger can be inserted. So you can not only cuddle with Fritzi, but also do a wild flight show.

Material: 100% organic cotton terry, filled with sheep's wool

Size: approx 12.9"

Made in Germany

Nanchen dolls have been lovingly handmade and hand-painted since 1983 in north Hesse, Germany. A small group of 15 employees stitch each doll from high quality natural materials of Bioland virgin sheep's wool, organic cotton and plant-dyed silk. Each doll is hand stuffed, and the faces are individually hand-painted, giving each doll its own unique character.

Hand wash only please. Do not brush, spin or wring due to wool inside - gently squeeze out extra liquid and lay on a towel to dry.

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