The themes of individuality, sharing, and sibling rivalry come to a head when three otter siblings choose the same rock to play with.
"...The perfect rock proves an ideal metaphor for the strength, comfort, and love of family. Heartwarming and uplifting.”
Kirkus Reviews

"This sweet story with adorable illustrations is very satisfying for otter lovers."
—Jean Little Library

For an otter, a rock has many uses. It can be a tool to break shells for food, an entertaining toy, or even just something to admire. Choosing a rock is a very important decision. Many otters will carry their rock with them their entire lives, safely stored in a small pouch under their arms. But what happens when three otter siblings choose the same rock?

This is a story of three otter siblings who are hunting for their perfect rock. They usually do everything together, so this proves a difficult challenge. Then, when they all pick the same rock, they must decide who deserves to keep it.

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